Residential and Commercial

From building new homes to renovations

We offer Residential and Commercial Services


    If you have completed renovations, or extensions we can help with installing stoves, hot plates, hot water systems, smoke alrms and consumer poles. We specialize in providing fitouts and electrical solutions for both old and new homes in the installation of new wiring, lighting and connections for appliances. Every job is completed to code to ensure it passes an inspection but more importantly, that it performs safely.


    Komni Electric provides high-quality electrical solutions to a variety of clients throughout the GTA and its surrounding suburbs. Our vast experience and commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advances makes us uniquely capable of tackling all of your projects, and finding up-to-date solutions that meet your exact needs. Every client, no matter the size, receives the same high-level of service that we have committed ourselves to over the years.


    Service Upgrade Package includes – Removal of all existing electrical service equipment, cables, fuse boxes, meter socket, etc. Furnish & Install a NEW Exterior Cable Drop (overhead type service), Meter Socket, Entrance cable, Circuit Breaker Panel, Circuit Breakers for all circuits and labeled accurately, Code Required Grounding, Final Connections, Inter-System Bonding Strap and we always Clean-up.